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Stream “Bushwick Nights/Anthem For Beer Cans”, The Final Offering From The Great American Novel

Mike Mehalick April 11, 2014 News No Comments

The Great American Novel

Last Fall we featured the lovelorn =( from The Great American Novel. With such a wellspring of creativity, it was only natural that some material got left on the cutting room floor. Now comes the split single “Bushwick Night/Anthem For Beer Cans” which leads one to wonder why they were left off The Great American Novel’s latest LP?

Frontman Layne Montgomery explains:

“Looking back, I’m not entirely sure why “Bushwick Nights” didn’t make the frown album. I know it was a contender for the name of the LP as well. Poor little guy, got thrown to the wayside. It has a killer lead vocal from JR too, his first in the band. I wish he’d gotten to sing more. “Anthem For Beer Cans” was cut cause it has four freakin’ choruses and sounds like “Bulldog Skin.”

The split/single would also appear to be the final release from The Great American Novel as the first Mama Cocos Funky Kitchen band will ride off into the sunset on a high note. MCFK’s Sam Davison eulogizes:

“I followed the Great American Novel from the very beginning. I had already been friends with Layne since high school, and I was delighted (although quite jealous) that he had formed a new band and was making such great music while I was away at college. GAN continued to impress me throughout every new song, album, lineup change, and gig at whatever tiny venue in NYC they were playing when I was home for break. It made me ANGRY that they were so good. Seriously, it pissed me off! The Great American Novel was integral to my drive to make music again; my latest album would still not exist had I not been so inspired by them. I knew I had to push myself more if I wanted to be making as good music as they were. I’ll sure those bums.”

Stream the bittersweet “Bushwick Nights/Anthem For Beer Cans” split/single below. RIP The Great American Novel.

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