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SIMGE On The Scene: After the Burn, Dirty, and Roulette played Happy Mondays

And when the thunder clouds appear, the seas will part, and there will be rock-n-roll once again. Thor appeared this week, yielding his heavy hammer next to the Marshall amps and double kick peddles that took over the stage at [...]

November 29, 2017 Live, Reviews

SIMGE On The Scene: After the Burn, Dirty & Modern Crowds rocked Happy Mondays

I have to put full disclaimer in here from the get go. I have been distracted for the past 20 minutes by John Mayer’s, Covered in Rain, it is quite a change of direction from the stylings of Happy Mondays [...]

August 30, 2017 Live, Reviews
Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 11.03.21 PM

SIMGE Stream: Brooklyn Art Rock Trio Bugs In The Dark Turn Up The Fuzz & Get “Dirty”

Brooklyn trio Bugs In The Dark have worked tirelessly in making a name for themselves in the NYC scene since their formation in 2007. The apocalyptic art rockers blend a variety of influences to make an echoing, seductive, fuzz rock [...]

August 15, 2014 News