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EP Review: Cedar Grove/Verona NJ Blues Rockers Tall Days Share The Driving Back To The Sound

Patrick Dutton February 25, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Tall Days

Garden State-based blues-rock outfit Tall Days released their latest EP, Back to the Sound, on February 3rd, and just from listening to it once you can hear a great rock style blended with a pop-punk sound.

Their opening track entitled “Crosstown” establishes a strong, driving rhythm from its opening measure. The song reminds me of early British Invasion (The Who, The Beatles, Stones), with flares of post-punk/early 2000’s rock n’ roll (my mind goes to The Strokes). One aspect that I love about this band’s sound is the guitarist interlude on the pre-chorus, it makes me want to hear the band live at an Asbury Park venue.

The opening track creates an unique segue into the second track titled “The Wall,” a raw and bare boned rock song. The song draws you in immediately with its opening guitar riff and grooving bass line. The band also refers to the name of the EP, lets go “back to the sound,” in the chorus of this bold and classic rock song. This track makes me think back to the days of games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, providing a perfect amount of nostalgia, but also letting the listener just thrash to this awesome beat busting rock song.

That thrashing, gut busting song in “The Wall” contrasts quite smoothly with the final track “Sing.” This track provides a laid-back rock structure, not with the trashing rhythm, but rather providing strong harmonies with pure guitar quality coming through your speakers. This is the one song where I enjoyed the vocals equally as much as the background sounds.

This Jersey indie-band provides their listeners with great nostalgia with their 60’s blues-rock sound, along with elements of head banging and rebellious dancing that come from its pop-punk influence. Tall Days provide their audience with a raw and up tempo sound, following their predecessors in their quest of rebelling against today’s mainstream blah.

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