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Tent City by Elevator Art

Matt Ascone May 16, 2012 Live, SIMGEssentials No Comments


Individuality is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to creating music. Bands will often try to carve out a sound for themselves, but many times they end up resembling something that’s already been done, eventually getting lost in the shuffle, adrift in a murky sea of sonic similarities.  But every once in a while you come across a band that restores your faith in artistic originality…and Elevator Art is one of those outfits.

The Toms River-based six-piece does not simply toe the lines that divide genres; they stomp all over them on its latest EP, Tent City. It fully engages the listener, refusing to sit still on any one riff or sound, transforming a blues-stomp melody into a shout-along hard-rock chorus; as searing metal leads give way to disco-funk keyboards, and wait…is that…a jazz flute breakdown?!

Howver, Tent City crowning jewel is its lyricism. Utilizing a multitude of lead vocalists, Elevator Art delivers fantastic wordplay like that found on the lead off track “Good Morning,” where the group posits “Home is not a building it’s your body and a feeling/It’s not where you come from its where you belong.” The outfit furthers its ponderance in the realm of personification as Daimon Santa Maria states “I know damn well that if these walls could talk/One of the walls would talk behind my back.”

Eelevator Art even voices its position on religion with the title track, not to slight the beliefs of anyone, but to instill hope and a belief in one another with “I got to pray on those who pray/That’s how I get by everyday/I know my church seems kind of odd /But I’ve got to believe in humans before I believe in Gods.”

Tent City is without a doubt one of the most unique and diverse offerings we’ve come across in a long while. The ability of Elevator Art to effortlessly genre-hop while maintaining a gorgeous sense of melody and lyrical poetry is something that deserves a great deal of attention. This is a collective of true artists in every sense of the word, and Tent City is their master work.

MUST HEAR TRACK: “Killing Time” is an energetic Rock N’ Roll romp full of brilliant wordplay – and a flute breakdown! Eat your heart out, Ron Burgundy.

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