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The Daily Listen: Raspberry Bulbs – Privacy

Nick Hertzberg November 26, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Raspberry Bulbs

One would hope for this sort of raw depravity coming from a group formed by one half of THE American blackened-punk band, Bone Awl. Founding member, who goes by “He Who Crushes Teeth,” established Raspberry Bulbs after transplanting to New York from California, following the previously mentioned group’s demise.

For the last few years, Raspberry Bulbs have transformed and bloomed by adding members, playing live more frequently and release after release, crafting it’s unique sound. The band’s new album Privacy is a follow up to last year’s Deformed Worship and is impressive to say the least. There is a level of grime here that one can’t simply wash off themselves… and its infectious transcendence of “punk” keeps you coming back for more. Expect some blackened, slightly lo-fidelity tunes that can make you bounce up and down (see the song “Finger Bones”) or plod around to slower, heavier jams (like album closer “Big Grins”) all whilst coated with a layer of reverberated, scowling howls of a madman.

Early days of both, appropriately, the California and New York punk scenes collide in tonal quality and structures, but leave the listener with something that isn’t just recycled. Production value is strong; especially considering it was committed to tape with a four- track cassette recorder. All instruments and voices stand strong on their own, yet come together to create the raw experience we hear here. In a even further push for something new in their repertoire, Roman numeral inscribed, short “industrial” pieces break up some of the songs that otherwise don’t stop beating you down until the last note.

With this strong a release, Raspberry Bulbs may have trouble finding Privacy from any adventurous listener in years to come if they keep progressing the “all-too-familiar” punk as we know it with every new album. Order Privacy here.

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