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The Daily Listen: Window – Salvation

Nick Hertzberg December 1, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments


This one, admittedly, is a little hard to tackle review wise because of the lack of information available. However, these are exactly the type of releases I want to try and give some exposure to because of how impressive they are. Not much is known of this project except for the fact that Fallow Field released it on cassette in a limited number of 77, having been sold in distro by Youth Attack about a month ago. It would appear the project is the brainchild of visual artist Reuben Sawyer of Dry Insides, Blood Bright Star and more, but with all mystery engulfing Window- it makes for that much more of a tantalizing listen.

Only spanning three songs in about ten minutes, this is how power electronics and industrial releases should sound. From the first heavily distorted notes of “All is Lost,” one doesn’t have to know the genre or band to know where this is going. Pummeling drum machine and atmospheric synthesizer layers create devastating and engulfing songs that are given accompaniment by effected, shouted vocals in which the listener can grasp, well, some of the lyrics.

This release embodies the power and draw (to me) of industrial music. Since early Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails and acts before them, the idea to take things that feel nothing (i.e.: machines) and use them to make the user, the absorber, us, have a feeling is a powerful experience and phenomenon. This is where Window succeeds. A feeling of despair and dread is brought on alongside the sheer-nihilism portrayed in these few minutes of flowing and crashing waves of industrial mayhem, making the listener realize there may not be any Salvation from anything in this life. And with the isolated and shouted lyrics of what can be made out to be “destroy yourself,” in the last seconds of the closing title track, this idea is nothing but reinforced.

Below are some links to samples and where you COULD pick this up when it becomes released again. I suggest hoping on mailing lists and checking back frequently to get updates of when releases go into their respective stores. All and all, despite being faced with such a harsh product, the artwork and packaging of this tape are absolutely stunning, a common trend amongst these labels and “lesser-known” acts that give us a reason to buy physical media, in a world dominated by digital, once again.

Hell, maybe there is salvation after all.




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