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The Gay Blades 2012 Self-Titled EP

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This afternoon the Garden State’s own Clark Westfield (James Wells) and Puppy Mills (Quinn English), better known as The Gay Blades, dropped a brand new slef-titled EP four songs in length.

The collection includes the hollowed out, distortion-laden single “Britt Daniel Stole My Girl,” in which Westfield questions one of his greatest muses, the Spoon front-man, about why the talented Texan felt it necessary to steal his girlfriend.

Following suit is “Home Of The Brave,” a dirty Pop-Rock number plucked from TGB’s Song For Cities series in which the duo wrote a new tune at every stop on its 2010 U.S. Tour…this tune hails from A-T-L-A-N-T-A, but you’ll understand that better when attempting to surgically remove the refrain from the inner depths of cranium.

The final songs, “Just Kids” and “My Little Fly,” were first introduced in 2011 when Wells took to the Saint’s hallowed planks for the resurrection of Rick Barry’s A Night In Progress.  Since that evening, the subdued musical food for thought that is the former has retained its mellow figure and overarching message: stay together for the kids…and if you can’t, don’t just abandon them…but if you’re fixed on doing so, at least give them this song first so can learn important life lessons.

On the other hand, “My Little Fly,” the anthemic Garage-Punk theme song for the stalker in some of us, has taken on new life with a barrage of electrifying axe wielding, Mills’ tack-hammer drum strikes, and a series of captivating brass accompaniment that sets this creepy promenade apart as the cream of this new crop…grab a free download of it here.

Must Hear Track: Only The Gay Blades could write an alluring, sing-along, rage-tune about springing traps to catch the unsuspecting in a scheme to make them your bride, proving I’ll sing and dance to anything if the melody is right.

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