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Breaking Rad: The Hotelier Prep Home, Like Noplace is There In Defense Of A Genre, Stream The Lead Singles

Tara Tomaino January 27, 2014 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments

the hotelier

Massachusetts is a state of unbridled wilderness sprinkled with tall tales of American heroes.  It is no wonder she is a breeding ground for the disenfranchised; birthing indie legends such as Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr.  These bands, along with a slew of others, swept through like blistering March winds, each tendril flirting with the dizzying patterns of Boston cobblestone.

In Worcester, the song remains the same for the band, The Hotelier.  Formerly known as The Hotel Year, this four-piece is about to drop their second full-length attempt at melodic punk rock.  Formed in 2009, the band is currently led by the intense Christian Holden (bass/vocals), whose painful prose is supported by Chris Hoffman (guitar), Sam Frederick (drums), and Cody Millet (guitar).  Even though the group saw much success in the past three years since the release of 2011’s It Never Goes Out, the complication of such fame lead Holden and company to change their name and sound with their pending Home, Like Noplace is There.

The first single, “The Scope of All This Rebuilding” opens with tepid strumming, erupting into a cacophony of disenchantment conducted by Holden’s past of tumultuous trials.  There is an overwhelming sense of fervor in his performance, as the letter “p” is sputtered between cracked lips, venom dribbling down his blemished chin with the conclusion of the word “promise”.  Frederick keeps up with a lilting beat, wavering on the edge of a metal-core breakdown, as Hoffman and Millet channel the pathos of Midwest paladins, Braid.  “The Scope of All This Rebuilding” is a prize-fighter, throwing punches below the belt in defense of a genre on the ropes.

“Your Deep Rest” is a more subdued gem, as Holden emulates the nasal infliction of Bayside’s Anthony Raneri, bellowing into deep caverns of emotional ore.  The guitar bounces off a canyon in a shanty fashion, slowly bobbing to a breakdown of calling “in sick from your funeral”, as a mourning parade of bleary- eyed snares carry a coffin down a timid river of desolation.  “Your Deep Rest” awakens the deja vu of Deja Entendu, as the second single showcases The Hotelier’s ability to transcend from their old house of generic pop-punk to a more decorated and original home.

The Hotelier will be playing at The Bat Cave in Montclair, NJ on February 2nd.  The album,  Home, Like Noplace is There will be available through Tiny Engines on February 18th.  For now, be sure to check out “The Scope of All This Rebuilding” and “Your Deep Rest” below.

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