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The Obvious Set To Release New Record At The Lanes On Saturday (Part 1): Angie Sugrim Talks About The Band’s Artistic Evolution, Hear An Exclusive Track

Chris Rotolo May 5, 2012 Features No Comments

Between releases, every song writer, or group of musicians, there’s a period of growth, of maturation, a development of fresh view points and outlook, and new ideas about how to present these messages.  Whether or not the public is receptive to this evolution always remains to be seen, but the process of artistic progression is inevitable…and Asbury’s own Grunge-Punk denizens that compose The Obvious are on the brink of revealing to this community just how far they’ve come since 2010’s Bringing Wreck with the group’s forthcoming eight-track release Maybe She’s Bored With It.

Bringing Wreck was our first formal effort,” explained the outfit’s front-woman Angie Sugrim, “and with those tunes, the urgency of what we had to say drove the directions of those songs in a way that is more raw than this new batch.”

“After going through some line-up changes and working more collaboratively as a band, we’ve really had a chance to develop our melodic side more,” she continued, “while refining that raw power -excuse the Stooges reference- into a more finely designed weapon…I’m really excited to personally see myself developing as a songwriter and musician, as well as to see the band evolve and organically form our sound as we go.”

However, don’t let that description and talk of melodic development throw all you rage-tune hounds off the scent, as the songstress was quick to reassure that the outfit’s sound is still rooted in late ’70s Punk-Rock and ’90s Alternative music…”With our own demented twist.”

On a personal level, Sugrim has also witnessed interior developments that she feels have led to a more compelling style and song writing ability for this group.

“As far as my personal development, regarding the space between the last two releases,” said Sugrim, “on this album my lyrics are a little less cryptic and more revealing. I’ve always loved abstract lyrics and I’ll continue to write that way, but I was less afraid of letting everyone know what goes on in my head and in my bed and in my diary this time around.”

“And As a band, I’ve also been more open to collaborative songwriting involving all four of us [Daniel Astorri, Mike Smith, Rob Blake].  I tend to get very, perhaps, overprotective concerning the way we sound and what we say, but I’ve eased up in allowing everyone to contribute in whatever capacity they can, and our songs are more interesting than ever.”

Check out one of those previously referenced rage-tunes, “Mercy Burns,” a SIMGE exclusive, below and head over to Asbury Lanes this Saturday to pick up your copy of Maybe She’s Bored With It as The Obvious headline a show featuring such Boardwalk favorites as Lost In Society, Chemtrail, and Give Me Static.  Doors at 8 p.m. with an $8 cover to paid upon entrance.

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