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The Revamped Tara Elliott &The Red Velvets Played The Saint On Friday

Chris Rotolo April 3, 2012 Live No Comments
Photo by C. Rotolo (Tara Elliott @ The Saint)

A red curtain dressed one of Asbury’s most storied stages on Friday evening, sending the assemblage into a state of speculatation about what Rock N’ Roll’s Lovely Rebel, Tara Elliott, had in store, many shuttering from the snot dripping growls and howls erupting from behind said tapestry, pressing play on a scene of sleek junkyard rotts roaming The Saint’s planks in the minds of the mass on hand.

As the drapery was hoisted revealing Elliott and her retooled cast of Red Velvet players (Joe Rowley on bass; Lou Vito on guitar and keys, Steve Buzbee on the throne) it all became clear what responsible for the pre show ferocity, and a proverbial calm before the squall set in, leaving the audience in a position of helpless exposure to an oncoming hurricane of Bluesified Garage-Rock that included such made-for-basement-rage tunes as “You Just Wanna Be Me,” the anthemic balladry of “Take The Time,” and the latest addition to a polished catalogue titled “Nobody Can Break Me,” which is set to be recorded in the very near future.

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