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Track x Track: Dead Leaf Echo Breaks Down Their New EP, Strawberry.Skin

Mike Mehalick May 26, 2017 Features No Comments

Dead Leaf Echo

Brooklyn-based dream-rockers Dead Leaf Echo first hit my radar back in 2013 and have only continued to improve in the art of crafting engulfing waves of entrancing, whirring sound.

Recently, Dead Leaf Echo dropped the Strawberry.Skin EP which teases a full-length due later this year. Featuring contributions from Monte Vallier (Wax Idols, The Soft Moon), Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Moose, Boo Radleys, Laika), and Jorge Elbrecht (No Joy, Tamaryn, Kristin Kontrol), the EP stretches the band’s aesthetic and finds them achieving new heights.

To go along with a stream of Dead Leaf Echo’s excellent new short-player, we had them break it down for us track by track. Check it all out below and catch the band when they return from overseas during Northside Festival at Cape House on June 9th w/ fellow SIMGE favs Dead Stars, Sharkmuffin, Slang King, Grim Streaker.


The title came from my red Jazzmaster guitar. Her name is Ruby. It just came out of my mouth when I picked it up at the owner’s house. He said “No, it’s candy apple red” I replied “Not anymore.”

“Trade a promise for a lie and defend… Again and again and again and again.”

The lyrics represent struggles with addictions and lying and how they can easily become cyclical.

It maintains a faith that you will return to your greatest love.

You can easily substitute any relationship situation in the lyrical themes.

Kevin (drums) and I put it together pretty quickly thru jamming Steve and Ana came in later and it all came together very quickly.

Live Ana pushed to have it off the click to let it flow more and she was right and it’s now much better and one of my favorite songs to perform.

“I will do (anything)”

Obviously, it’s a song of desperation. People that are in love will be driven to great extremes to prove their worth.

“For you, I will pray”; For someone that questions a higher power to be driven to pray for someone else is quite a measure.

It was the first song recorded for the album with Jorge Albrecht (Ariel Pink, No Joy) and the rest of the album was done much later so it has a different sonic quality than the other songs.. so it has been designated to the EP and won’t be on the LP.

Live though we also had a problem making it translate. So we left it alone. Now that the EP just came out, we decided to try and play it again. Slowly it came around and is now in our current set list.


The memory of kissing someone for the first time. The initial desire. It’ll turn ya upside down.

“I can’t hear anything but you” That was the way it was the first time.

It’s a complete studio construction completely made from samples and then sung over top of them. Will probably never be performed live.

“Sunlessoul” (Rx Dub)

This is fun because you get to hear remixes of a song before the song comes out. We released two 7″ singles off of our upcoming album Lemonheart last year and Strawberry.Skin this year.

“Sunlessoul” is a straight forward song that will be on the new LP this fall. But we remixed one version to be on Lemonheart and RX Gibbs did a dub version. His is my favorite. It’s quite fetching because it gives me a Primal Scream vibe. I’ve always admired how bands like them and New Order ride a nice balance of Rock and Electronic.

The song is about an agoraphobic that won’t leave the house due to his fear of falling in love.

It’s the most mellow song we play and we had a little bit of difficulty putting it together in the beginning. Kevin was having a hard time with the chorus bass lines but slowly it happened.

We play the traditional version live in our sets and have the dub mix sometimes play in the house before we go on. It has a nice summer feel/ I’d like to do a whole dub album one day.

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