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Track x Track: Evening Darling Breaks Down Their Debut, Self-Titled LP

Mike Mehalick April 21, 2017 Features No Comments

Evening Darling

Last week, the NYC-based alt-Americana band Evening Darling dropped their debut, self-titled album which plays as a beautifully laid out complete thought. You can check out Mike Petzinger’s photos from their release show at Bowery Electric here.

To get the full picture on Evening Darling, we had the band break it down for us track by track. Stream the LP while reading the responses below and be sure to catch Evening Darling tomorrow at HiFi Records during the day and The Quays later on.

“Another Long Drive” – This is a song about remembering the past in a way that might or might not be shared by the person you’re remembering. Long drives, blowing red lights, and lost nights have a romance for you but might just be a fun fling for the other person. There’s a first draft demo of this somewhere on the internet from years and years ago that I made with the inimitable Marc Lacuesta in 2013 or so in Nashville. -Nick

“LWYL” – “Live Where You Lay” says what it means. A change of scenery doesn’t fix your problems. I think a lot of people, myself included, have times when they say “If I can have that thing, or go to that place, or be with that person, then everything will change and I’ll be happy.” In my experience that’s never worked, but I keep cutting my hair anyway. – Erica

“Classic Cars” – This track is about nostalgia, and the way we tend to rose-color the memories of people who actually weren’t very good for us. It also has some of my favorite imagery on the album. I was really drawn to the idea of looking at a relationship as if it was a celebrity. All the excess and chaos that gets packaged as perfection and “having it all” is really fascinating to me. Classic Cars was also written long distance through little iPhone memos. Dan sent a drum beat, Rusty layered guitar on top, then I added vocals and we had a song written over text in a couple of hours… that will never happen again hahahaaa -Erica

“Passenger Side” – Sometimes it’s nice to just be along for the ride, until you realize the driver and the destination aren’t what you want. This tune has also changed in style a lot since it was first written, but it has always been loud, fast, and a crowd favorite. -Erica

“For a Good Time” – This song was written with Jeff Buckley’s “Everybody Here Wants You” in mind, and was actually one of the first songs we wrote as Evening Darling. Lyrically, it’s almost an inverse of the Buckley song, which is about infatuation and borderline obsession with one person. This one is about just having a good time as you come through town, one night and no more. We started this song with the drumbeat and the introductory guitar lick and worked upwards from there. -Everyone

“Ready To Love” – A hungover morning in Nashville with an old friend of mine, songwriter Phoebe Elliot, and she mentioned that she was seeing someone who seemed to always vacillate between being completely available, almost needy, and not answering her calls. They were starting to fall in love. Or were they? We wrote a skeleton around this repeated “ready to love?” Years later, I sent it to Erica and she rewrote the verses to paint a painful picture of an empty bed and ask questions about self-sufficiency. -Nick

“Stardust and Glitter” – The woman in this song is kind of a collage of several generations of women in my family. Watching those women from afar at a young age, I never knew what they were thinking and I never will, but I like to daydream about their youth and their ambitions before all the life stuff happened. I’ll never reach the poetry I admire so much in Neko Case’s writing, but this was heavily inspired by her storytelling and musical style. -Erica

“All The Way Back” – On the road living makes you feel guilty about leaving people back home and gets lonely. And you will always end up with a busted air mattress when you are the most desperate for sleep. -Erica

“A Million Unknown” – This song, like a few on the album, is about looking for your connection to the world around you. It’s hard to find a purpose and a place, but having that is what makes you “somebody.” Not everyone wants to be special, but no matter who you are and what you have, everyone needs a direction to aim and a place to go. Never found a way to play this live after writing it in Dave’s attic apartment in New Jersey. Finally we decided to strip it right back to how we originally wrote it, just Erica and Dave. -Everyone

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