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Track x Track: Pueblo Breaks Down Their New LP, Boring The Camera

Mike Mehalick April 14, 2017 Features No Comments


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Making the move from their native Dallas to Brooklyn last Summer, the duo of Jonah P. Smith and Julian P. Smith used that opportunity to refresh and form Pueblo. The band’s debut record, Boring The Camera, celebrates the beauty in life’s more difficult moments with gorgeously layered indie-pop-rock arrangements.

To celebrate the LP release, we had Pueblo break it down for us track by track. Stream Boring The Camera in full below and catch them at one of their upcoming gigs at Pete’s Candy Store as part of their April residency.

Drive Safe

“Drive Safe” was the first song written for the EP as well as the first song written for the project that became Pueblo. I think the lyric towards the end, “I can’t help but be at risk, drive safe in a raging fit,” sums up the song pretty nicely: the song, more than anything else, is about a raging fit and the feeling of losing control.


Where “Drive Safe” is more of a narrative about one specific night or one experience, “Nausea” shifts as an inward and outward examination of your life more generally. It begins by pointing the finger outward, blaming others for everything happening, and ends with implicit self-deprecation.

Dictating Directions

This song is all about Julian Smith’s tasty guitar licks. I don’t think the song would stand a chance without them. Lyrically, it’s about being far away from your baby.

Where You Are

This is an acoustic-based song that I’ve had sitting around forever that we decided to finish and record for the EP. For me, Adam Nguyen makes this recording, especially with the beautiful and very tasteful piano part at the very end.

Cry Etc

Boring the Camera was pretty much finished and ready for release when “Cry Etc” was written. I typically labor over a song extensively for a long period of time, from a couple weeks to a year, before it’s finished. “Cry Etc” was instead finished within the span of a couple hours. It was very sporadic. The lyrics are trying to recognize and challenge the value of pain and the capacity to feel rather than just suppressing it all.


This song is primarily about alienation and regret. It follows the effects of caffeine lifting your spirits in the morning only to leave you mid-afternoon when you are ready for the day to be over but you still have what feels like hours and hours to go.

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