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Trackdown: Kwesi Kankam – “Whiskey Wit”

Sean Marshall July 9, 2013 News No Comments

Kwesi Kankam

I don’t have to think very hard to recall vividly one of my first moments of musical identification. You know the feeling I’m referring to; a new song comes on unexpectedly and suddenly, your jaw drops, because it seems to have been written just for you.

It’s so nice to realize that even after all of these years of listening to music, these moments can still happen. For those out there constantly struggling to keep their big mouths in check, like me, sigh no more because Kwesi Kankham’s “Whiskey Wit” has the antidote.

Released as a part of his 2012 EP Ran Away From Me, “Whiskey Wit” provides a somber yet refreshing glimpse into the regret of a self-admitted loud mouth.

Over textured and layered instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, light percussion, piano, and piercing harmonica, Kwesi very matter-of-factly sings, “Whiskey Wit took a hold of me this evening/ Left me feeling something I know is wrong,” culminating with the self-affirming line, “but I feel okay.”

It’s moments like this that remind us we are not perfect, and that maybe, that’s just fine.

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