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Violet Sands Returns With New Single “Gone”

Nate Voss December 5, 2018 News No Comments

Violet Sands

Just in time to accompany your deep year-end reflections, Brooklyn purveyors of all things dreamy Violet Sands are back with a transportive new track, “Gone.” Thoughtfully paced so as to serve as hypnotic, “Gone” hits that shoegaze-pop sweet spot with a killer chorus and captivating outro.

Violet Sands’ Derek Muro further details: “‘Gone’ is about losing your way in life, being confused and still pressing on despite the temptations of escapism. It’s trying to be comfortable in face of the unknown. We started the song as part of our album HOTEL, in Los Angeles, immediately before I moved back to New York. The song definitely has a quality of a big life move embedded in it.”

“Gone” is available everywhere via YouTooCanWoo.

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