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Watch: Be Calm Honcho Shares A Stunning New Video For “Bad Man”

Brielle Schiavone November 2, 2016 News No Comments

Be Calm Honcho

A little over two years ago, SIMGE featured the Bay Area-based group Be Calm Honcho. Since then, the band has undergone an evolution of sorts with their latest single, “Bad Man,” pushing towards a more pristine indie-pop territory.

Most recently, Be Calm Honcho unveiled a stunning new music video for “Bad Man” with elaborate choreography and a message that all too many people can relate to. Lead singer Shannon Harney explains:

“‘Bad Man’ was a phone call I couldn’t make to my kid brother because he fell off again. Off the wagon, off the map, out the back door and then silence. […] But my kid brother is mine, mine in a way that no other person in the world can be and I had to write him this song to let me know that I am his and also him. I sing this song to him and all the men who are not the worst men and I sing it for the women in silent turmoil because we are essential and giant.”

The video certainly extends that vision with the push and pull of some of the movements creating a visual tension line as the protagonist rises up through uncertainty. Watch Be Calm Honcho’s “Bad Man” below and be sure to follow them here for more.

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