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Watch: BOMBZ Shares “Lonely Heartz” // New EP Out Now via Silence Breaks

Alex Galbraith July 25, 2017 News No Comments


BOMBZ couldn’t have picked a better name. The Brooklyn-based outfit shared a debut’s worth of explosive but fun tracks — note the “z” — earlier this month. And that EP’s leadoff cut, “Lonely Heartz,” is a primo example of what this band does well. The track gives the listener about a half-second of chill before all hell breaks loose with a shockwave of a chorus.

The new video for “Heartz” matches this intensity. It’s all blurry shots and quick cuts — like a Bourne movie for the 120 Minutes set — and it helps to sweep the viewer up in the band’s kinetic sound. It’s a joy to hear vocalist and video director Joe Rogers ride the hook’s upward surge of synths and drums. He caps it off by letting loose the only sound that can properly describe the track: “Woohoo!”

The band’s debut is out now via Silence Breaks. Check out the video below and then stream it here.

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