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Watch: Grumsling Extends Its Conceptual Narrative With The Eclectic Jam “Downtime”

Mike Mehalick August 10, 2015 News No Comments


More and more is expected out of bands when it comes to the live experience these days. The advent of internet ready cell phones and huge music festivals with amazing light shows has created a culture where, for a huge crowd, its not just enough to be engaging and “tight”. Typically, nowadays, the casual listener needs a little something extra to chew on when checking out your set.

Grumsling, a multimedia experience project between Carl Flynn, D.J. Lowe, Matt Lowe and Dominic Rodriguez based in San Francisco Bay Area embraces a forward thinking approach towards conceptual, narrative music skewing more towards the Gorillaz philosophy with a refreshing cast of guest players. Over the past two years, Grumsling has come to search for meaning in the void, defining their mythos as an evolving character, a story, a feeling, imagery along with the music. Their regard to the mystical is spread out across their two latest EP’s, Full Coverage and A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea, were tracked during full band sessions on the Winter Solstices of 2013 and 2014 respectively and each released on the following spring equinoxes. With respect towards the sonic spirit evident in their recordings, the mixes on the EPs are direct from the board, without any sort of digital manipulation. Straight, pure, Grumsling.

The band’s new video for single “Downtime” opens up with a Zappa-esque enveloping stomp that rides an indie-funk groove until pushing into a jam overdrive with head spinning reverberations employed to dizzying affect. Paired with artwork from world record setting comic book artist David Lafuente, with plans for graphic novels and movies in the works, and you have a great all around immersive concept to lose yourself in. Expect to see the name Grumsling on a growing list of festival posters sometime soon.

Watch Grumsling’s “Downtime” below and look for more from the band here.

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