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Watch: Will Wood & the Tapeworms Throw A Glam-Rock Circus In “Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In!”

Mike Mehalick June 16, 2017 News No Comments

Will Wood & the Tapeworms

Billed as “one-half nightmarish-circus, one-half band,” the NJ-based Will Wood & the Tapeworms have been making a lot of noise since releasing their record SELF-iSH last year. Now, the group’s eccentric, undeniable energy has been put on full display in a video for single “Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In!”

Woods breaks it down:

“I had pulled two dozen proverbial square pegs from their round holes, gathered a cluster of self-designed oddballs for a secret project I refused to explain. They shuffled one by one into the boarded-up art gallery we had set up shop in, a hole in the wall that actively chilled itself like a meat locker. They stripped down, attached themselves to the walls and ceilings, contorted their constitutions into new ideas of their spirits and awaited the beginning of the experiment, their breath visible in the stiff air. Soon it was chaos and hot energy.

I watched the infamously eccentric director Mark Jaworski scramble barefoot around the warehouse floor, despite the shattered religious candle holders, feverishly fumbling to assemble this Rube Goldberg Tetris stack of flesh and movement, like some kind of Raoul Duke archetype in a Twin Peaks nightmare. Little drops of blood, beads of sweat, and 5 & 10 sequins all glittered in the disco lights that tossed their colors against concrete and through billows of hard smoke like Jackson Pollock on mephedrone.

We threw pickaxes into the chassis of an ancient upright piano, popping taught strings and dodging like ducking under chicken wire, knocking ivory shrapnel fly through the air and insulting the noble elephant’s jaw. The arteries of the collective body became clogged with smoke and mirrors, pumping thick ethanol through twitching veins, while glitter and confetti rainbow dust devils threw themselves about, tiny tornadoes of color.

Here it is, our climb over the top and our dig down to the bottom of all conventional reality. A hallucination in corporeal real time, all happening right outside your door, waiting for you to answer the bell, and looking through the peephole back at you.”

Watch Will Wood & the Tapeworms in “Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In!” below and catch them tonight at Roxy & Duke’s as a part of Makin Waves’ Rock Circus w/ Experiment 34, Vertical Fixation, Ser Xerri & Pixel Face.

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