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“You Belong To The Minutes” by The Ugly Club

Manny Castanon July 16, 2012 New Music, Reviews 1 Comment

The Northern New Jersey quintet’s follow-up to last summer’s Visions of Tall Girl EP is a far departure from the assorted, jittery songs of their earlier material. More like Wild Beasts and Miniature Tigers with a bit of The Rapture thrown in for good measure. “David Foster Wallace” opens the record with its borderline disco-punk four to the floor beat and upstroke guitar licks and just when you think you know what this record is going to be about, “Wasted on You” comes on with its airy acoustic guitars and lush horns.

Increased production value and a more focused musical direction hasn’t muddled any of The Ugly Club’s¬†playfulness or eclectic sensibilities as evidenced on the ethereal electro-pop tune “Under the Great Wave” or “Loosen Up” which deftly bounces back and forth between the guitar driven disco-rock of the naughties and straight ’80’s electro.

The latter half of “Let’s Sleep Around” sounds like an excerpt from ELO’s 70s catalog with its choppy, honky tonk piano and bright guitar lines. The kids in Ugly Club will sometimes find it pertinent to switch gears mid-song, turning pop tunes like “Last Evenings” into full, able bodied suites.

The Ugly Club is a group that feels like that haven’t quite figured out what kind of band they want to be and it works almost entirely in their favor. Listening to You Belong to the Minutes and trying to guess what genre they’ll tackle on the next track is half the fun of the record coupled with the pitch perfect arrangement of the songs and the occasional Jeff Buckley falsetto that singer Ryan Egan peppers along. You Belong to the Minutes is equal parts power-pop, electro, and psychedelia seemingly tailor-made for the Tumblr set.

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NOTE:¬†Be sure to check out The Ugly Club when the band plays The Saint on Saturday (July 21st) alongside Arlan Feiles, and Frank Lombardi. ¬†Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with a cover $10 to be paid upon admission…don’t miss it.

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