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Watch: Thirsty Curses - “Bruises On Your Shoulders”

Music serves many purposes, and the most primary is as a vessel for storytelling. This is not to say that the frills offered by tasteful and skillful instrumentation are not important, because they are. We are reminded of both of [...]

September 23, 2022 News

Listen: Gamblers - “Do I?”

There’s an endless number of reasons that make a song “catchy”. One of those is guitar riffs that you can feel all the way down to your toes. That’s not just an example, Gamblers’ new single “Do I?” has guitar [...]

August 31, 2022 News
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Watch: Baseball Game - “Woman”

Photo Credit: Jake Driscoll Sometime’s music videos are little vignettes that accompany a song, and oftentimes they are just a rendering of a band’s performance. The LA/Nashville partnership Baseball Game toes the dividing line between those two genres with their [...]

August 26, 2022 News

Listen: The Menzingers - “From Exile” Singles

Some musicians spent quarantine writing new songs, some spent quarantine performing live online concerts, and The Menzingers spent quarantine reimagining their most recent album. The band from Scranton released their sixth studio album “Hello Exile” in October of 2019, an [...]

August 22, 2022 News

Listen: Oceanator - “Heartbeat”

More now than ever, it doesn’t seem far fetched to say the world is falling apart at the seams. But when you have your own internal struggles and afflictions, that doesn’t seem so ominous. Elise Okusami, from Oceanator, dabbles in [...]

August 17, 2022 News

Listen: King Casio - “BBBC”

For a track to be “catchy”, it doesn’t always need to slap you in the face. When a track is understated and melodic it can be entrancing. One word I would definitely use to describe King Casio’s new single “BBBC” [...]

August 14, 2022 News
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Listen: Cheyenne Dan - “Butterflies”

New Jersey bands, especially college bands, almost always have a surf and garage rock-like quality to them. As Cheyenne Dan matures, they trade in the dissonance that comes with garage rock for the cohesion of power pop. Their recent release, [...]

August 13, 2022 News

Listen: Merce Lemon - “Baby”

“Less is more” will drive you insane. Some of your favorite songs may run less than two minutes, which might then lead you to scouring the internet for a longer outtake version. Merce Lemon’s “Baby” feels like it will be [...]

August 12, 2022 News

Listen: Another Sky - “All Ends”

Photo Credit: Parri Thomas We all have spent days pondering trivialities in daily life, and other days wondering the importance of your own existence. The intersection of where these two roads cross, is probably somewhere around Another Sky’s “All Ends”. [...]

August 10, 2022 News

Watch: Phantom Handshakes - “Stubborn”

It seems that many artists took to finding creative ways to stay on top of their craft during this virus-induced isolation. A couple of those artists are Matt Sklar and Federica Tassano, who wrote and recorded a new EP under [...]

August 7, 2022 News