SIMGE On The Scene: Cooke, Happy Abandon, & This That and The Others Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 31, 2022 Live, Reviews No Comments

Dark City Entertainment continues to get some incredibly solid touring bands stopping by the area for Happy Mondays. The talent and diversity of musicians and groups over the summer has been so solid. Each week we were guaranteed to hear amazing tunes for the cost of parking and a few inexpensive drinks. Can’t go wrong. 

This weeks affair ended with locals This That and the Others,who brought some indie surf to the fold, and it began with Cooke, a group down from Brooklyn. When I was doing my preview for the night I could have sworn there was a little country thing going on there. Well, I must have been distracted when I was checking them out on Soundcloud because hearing them live, their sound was dripping with soul.  I knew from the first note we were in for a treat. No fog in a can this time. Just pure, unadulterated, feel good music.    

I have been jamming on North Carolina’s Happy Abandon for a couple of days now, and probably will be for the rest of the week and beyond. The quartet stopped by Happy Mondays on their way back south after hitting up some northern areas during a short tour. The band creates a sound that is quite relaxing, but also very mesmerizing. Their songs are filled with clean guitar work, flowing keys and punctuated with sharp breaks that elevates you invitingly into their creative journey, and you will find yourself gladly accepting the offer. I certainly have. Happy Abandon is a very fitting name for this group.  

As enthralled as I am with the music that comes through here, I am also saddened when it is not shared with more people. Perhaps the approaching holiday has people resting up a bit, getting ready to let loose for a three day weekend. Either way, a very big thank you to all the musicians who come to play on an off night in the musical center of New Jersey. See ya on the round trip. 

The choice selections from the evening:


Happy Abandon

This That and the Others

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