Listen: Merce Lemon - “Baby”

Brendan Short August 12, 2022 News No Comments

“Less is more” will drive you insane. Some of your favorite songs may run less than two minutes, which might then lead you to scouring the internet for a longer outtake version. Merce Lemon’s “Baby” feels like it will be one of those songs.

Well under the two minute mark, it clocks in at one minute and sixteen seconds, but each one of those seconds is precious. Merce Lemon immediately pulls you in with her melodic vocal breaks and synchronized guitar bends.

“Less is more” is not only applicable to the track length, but the instrumentation and lyrics. This teaser track is not cluttered with anything more than guitars, bass and percussion, while the lyrics are simple, relatable and specific. One-sided love, vulnerability and moving on.

All 15 tracks of Merce Lemon’s new album Moonth will be available for streaming and for cassette on August 14 via Darling Recordings and Crafted Sounds. Until then, you can listen to “Baby” on repeat below.

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