Premiere: The Ryne Experience - Funky Town

Mike Mehalick April 20, 2022 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Hailing from Lowell, MI, rockers The Ryne Experience certainly deliver on the last part of their moniker with their new concept album, Funky Town, premiering on SIMGE today.

In a statement, the group shares that Funky Town is; “the story of Paul Mashake, a man who has his name, lover, and identity stolen from him by Nameless Sam. As he forms new experiences as a blank slate, he begins to see the world with new eyes, and when he eventually reclaims his past life, he feels like an impostor in his own skin and disillusioned with modern societal life. As Nameless Sam returns to take the one thing that tethered him to his old identity, he snaps and descends into madness.”

The expansive 10-track effort tracks our protagonist’s journey with a brilliant psych-country sound not unlike a spaghetti western shot through a kaleidoscope. Jangle-pop and twangy guitars are mixed on a palette with ethereal harmonies as The Ryne Experience does a brilliant job of world-building.

Step into The Ryne Experience’s Funky Town in full below and snag your copy on vinyl, cassette, CD, or digitally via Under the Counter here.

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