SIMGE Stream: The New Restaurants - Wrong Place at Wrong Time

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New Restaurants

With origins reaching back to 2014, the members of The New Restaurants have remained active yet distant since their start. A near-constant in the NYC live scene, the band’s previous releases have up until this point been hosted on and titled as websites like ‘’ and ‘’

So, naturally, The New Restaurants’ first non URL album titled Wrong Place at Wrong Time</i> arrives in the middle(?) of uh…well you know. Finding an overarching theme in the mind-numbing madness of the modern world, we couldn’t think of a better new title to highlight as today’s SIMGE Stream.

The varied venture expounds on that thematic central point with a jittery mix of Pavement’s wry wit, a Dismemberment Plan-style eclecticism, and Devo’s propulsive punk. I could close my eyes and imagine the latter casually dropping the line “animatronic Lance Armstrong” one of the many delightful turns of phrases on single “Dug Up Proust.”

“The four of us are pretty solidly on the same page about the absurdity of life these days,” the band’s Doug Schrashun shares. “We talk a lot about memes and politics and weed and the Masked Singer – and I think that the record reflects, if anything, our shared love-hate relationship with the whole American thing. Part of that is, as you said, a recognition of the degree to which fractured inner perceptions seem to result in catastrophic real world consequences these days more than ever, but part of it is also shitty architecture, and part of it is also Charles Grodin.”

Stream The New Restaurants’ Wrong Place at Wrong Time, out now from Totally Real Records.

Also, the band ran a campaign on the day of the album’s release on Bandcamp Friday in support of VOCAL-NY. We’ve included those details below the embed.

Since 1999 they (VOCAL-NY) have been building power to end AIDS, the drug war, mass incarceration & homelessness from their base in Brooklyn. They were instrumental in the Abolition Park movement earlier this Summer, urging New York City leadership to defund the NYPD. More at

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