Submit Music For Review


On top of the previously outlined guidelines below the fold here, please note the following:

Speak Into My Good Eye longer considers singles over two weeks from their initial release. Additionally, EPs/LPs must be sent in advance of their release with very few exceptions.

Please do not follow up on something same day. This goes mostly for PR companies with lead and junior publicists with the same lists. Please comb through accordingly.

Do not follow up unless someone at Speak Into My Good Eye has already replied. We go through everything, we promise. Following up just clogs the pipeline further.

If you send a pitch that goes something like, “Hey, cool blog, please check out my music,” with no other context, it won’t be considered.

Please take a moment to look through our previously covered styles of music. They’re pretty consistent. Don’t pitch us solely because we’re on Hype Machine.


-Please send digital submissions and all other inquiries to

If you would like to offer us something exclusive (track/video premiere) please make mention of it in your subject line. There’s no hard math to present, but let’s just say you’re twice as likely to get featured here if you’re offering us an exclusive.

We try to get to as much as we can, but there’s quite a bit of it (upwards of 200 submissions a day). The more personal the pitch, the more likely it will get featured.