SIMGE on the Scene: Thank You Scientist, Bent Knee and The Tea Club played Asbury Lanes

Phil Shepherd December 15, 2021 Live, Reviews No Comments

When I received the email regarding coverage to the Thank You Scientist show at Asbury Lanes, there was no hesitation in my reply. I was off for the night so it was very easy to come out of hibernation for a show featuring some earthy based progressive acts just finishing up a 5-week tour.  I am all in with the prog-rock stuff, it is what I grew up on and I have been wanting to see Thank You Scientist for a while now. Each of the groups were on the road in behind their latest release.

The Tea Club opened up the night and while more artsy than true progressive, that cerebral aspect is still there but they add lot of emotion to their music all while maintaining the energy and forwardness to keep you in tune. They have a bit of a folky undertone to them as well and changed often between acoustic and electric offerings. These guys are perfect for me. Their latest release If/When, Came out over the summer and can be streamed here.

We have covered Boston based, Bent Knee before and they are always a must-see when they roll through town. Fun, fun, fun. I get a little mesmerized by the voice of lead singer/keyboardist Courtney Swain, just incredible. You Know What They Mean, was released in October and is available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Thank You Scientist looked happy to be home, sounds like they had quite the adventurous run. Something about a broken RV. Ouch. I admit I do not know their songs, only their style. As I looked around the venue I began to wonder how many people were music heads, and how many just liked the music. A music head hangs on every note, every space, every time change and every off canter beat. My jaw dropped quite a few times during the night, very much in awe of what I was watching. The people that like the music? They are the ones dancing, the free spirits and peaceful love children of The Dead days. I can’t help but think if they understand the magnitude of genius and talent they are partaking in. That is one of those I’m afraid to ask but am dying to know questions. Their latest release, Terraformer, came out this past June and is available, well, everywhere!

The Choice Selections from the evening:

The Tea Club

Bent Knee

Thank You Scientist

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