Watch: Baseball Game - “Woman”

Brendan Short August 26, 2022 News No Comments

Photo Credit: Jake Driscoll

Sometime’s music videos are little vignettes that accompany a song, and oftentimes they are just a rendering of a band’s performance. The LA/Nashville partnership Baseball Game toes the dividing line between those two genres with their newest music video for theis single Woman.

When you see an album cover or a music video for a particular track, it can influence how you perceive the music. The track Woman seems like it takes you on a journey and the music video as an affirmation. The whisper-like vocals are a perfect match with the familiar and nostalgic guitar riffs and intertwining hazy synths.

Lyrically, the track dissects an idea that is familiar but never trite: the person you can not get off your mind. Whether you want to or not, they are all you can think about. Coincidentally, this song stays with you too.

You can listen to the single Woman below, or stream their debut self titled EP Baseball Game, via House Arrest, wherever you get your music.

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