Watch: Thirsty Curses - “Bruises On Your Shoulders”

Brendan Short September 23, 2022 News No Comments

Music serves many purposes, and the most primary is as a vessel for storytelling. This is not to say that the frills offered by tasteful and skillful instrumentation are not important, because they are. We are reminded of both of these sentiments when listening, or watching the music video, to “Bruises On Your Shoulders” by Thirsty Curses.

The vocals of Wilson Getchell rise and fall with familiarity, working beautifully in conjunction with the tone of the music video, directed by the bands’ Clayton Herring. There’s an immediate rhythmic resonance about this song, probably in how the piano, guitar, bass and drums seemed to be tightly locked in to give the lyrics and vocal melody precedence.

The lyrics discuss the turbulence of life and how overwhelming everything may seem. To be fair, it is not as bleak as that may sound. There is the friendly reiteration that even though the “weight of the world is leaving bruises on your shoulders, all you really wanted was someone to warn you”, which compliments the music video’s resolution (something along the lines of ‘there is more to life than the life you’ve been living’).

Even though this music video was released just last month, the album this song is from has been kicking around for just under a year. After you watch the video for “Bruises On Your Shoulders” below, make sure to check out their full self-titled album “Thirsty Curses”, via Spectra Music.

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